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FAILED SUICIDE PLAN - Screamo / Punk since 2005

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Live @ Live @ Belgrade (23.09.2010)

So by a twist of fate, "Failed Suicide Plan" played first, kicking it off at around 11pm. FSP are a quartet hailing from Erfurt, Germany. What they play is pretty hard to describe, the genres they could fit in literally changing with every tune, screamo, punk, crust, grind, hardcore. The songs usually begin with a slower pace followed by pounding speed rhythms, occasional breakdowns and chaotic crescendos. "Failed Suicide Plan" started the gig with the song "Magic Mirror" (if I remember correctly), the song opening with a sample, so it all began very calmly only to explode after a few seconds. First thing that I must say is that while now I listen to this band at home and recapitulate the gig I feel like I'm listening to two different bands. This bands recordings are great, no doubt about it, but experiencing them live is where they excel at. Just witnessing the raw power and chest beating tunes brought to their maximum is on a whole different level then listening at home, the band getting a new dimension of chaos inserted in their melodies. On top of the audio spectacle, they are very energetic while playing with constant movement during songs. And I have to say it immediately, for the duration of their act my eyes were glued onto the drum player, the man's skill is insane! Fascinating precision and speed, followed by the perfect sound of the venue, made his performance astounding. The drums are probably the most chaotic and tempo/melody shifting part of the band, being quite a back bone of it all and luckily this guy knows how to follow through the task at its best. As I said above, "Failed Suicide Plan" started with an audio sample, which they continued to do for several other songs during their playtime. Though not featured on the actual release, these samples really added an extra something to the songs and they fit quite well. As for the mentioned release which I will post at the bottom of this post, it came out in March 2009, containing seven songs with around 23 minutes of tunes and you should definitely check it out. From the said release many songs have been played, like "Player", "Eisbär", "Fruhling"... Moving on with the show, FSP played for about half an hour or so (maybe even more, can't actually remember), also playing a bonus song since the crowd cheered for more.
Magazine:Natures with no plagues
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